Our Mission

Pro-Life Education is committed to providing accurate, fair, and non-judgmental information for anybody who needs it, whether that be for pro-life activists, pro-choice people genuinely interested in this issue, or pregnant women.

About LICL

The Long Island Coalition for Life (LICL) Educational Trust Fund was formed in 2005 as a branch of The Long Island Coalition for Life.

The (LICL) Educational Trust Fund is an all volunteer, nonprofit 501(C) (3) educational charitable entity. Our purpose is to engage in educational, charitable, and scientific activities with the purpose of prevention of cruelty to children and handicapped persons.

An idea of Dr. Jerry Higgins and Dr. Celeste Broyles, with the help of many other volunteers, the LICL Trust continues to promote a respect for innocent human life today.

The goal of the LICL EDUCATIONAL TRUST FUND is to improve and further personal and social awareness and responsibility for human life, particularly such vulnerable and disadvantaged individuals and classes as children (before as well as after birth), the elderly, and those with special needs.

Some of the ways the EDUCATIONAL TRUST meets these goals is to engage in educational, charitable, and scientific activities:

  • To educate the public on right to life and bioethical issues such as abortion, human experimentation, genetic engineering, and euthanasia
  • To instruct interested citizens in effective pro-life communications
  • To promote enlightened care and assistance for those facing an untimely pregnancy

The Educational Trust, established in 2006, generally undertakes public awareness campaigns. In addition, the Trust has sponsors an Oratory Contest for Junior and Senior high school students.

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